Wick drain is a geosynthetic material used for drainage aiming to increase consolidation process of foundation. Wick drain consists of two layers: filter cover is made from non-woven geo-textile from PP or PET 100% without any binding agent and drainage core from PP plastic with water ditch in both sides.


Aritex wick drain (RID and VID) is a prefabricated drainage strip or board. The core is a highly flexible polypropylene extrusion, having maximum water flow capacity along the grooves formed longitudinally on both sides of the core. The filter fabric on our drain is made from strong, durable, non-woven geotextile, having a very high permeability. The geotextile fabric serves as a filter to allow passage of groundwater into the drain core while preventing piping of fines from the adjacent soils.  Water is absorbed through the geotextile filter of the wick drain, soaked and flows into the wick drain core smoothly.

Prefabricated vertical drain

RID and VID prefabricated drain with its outstanding properties of being anti-bacteria, anti-organic bacteria, corrosion resistance makes it an economical solution to long-term foundation settlements by accelerating the consolidation of soft soils.

board drain

Board drain is a board-shaped material that is used to reduce consolidation time and increase foundation shear strength of soft clay soils. Similar to prefabricated vertical drain, board drain consists of a filter layer and a core layer.


The works that can apply absorbent wicks to handle a variety of soil requirements, including highways, bridge leading roads, airport runways, railways, ports, petroleum depots, construction projects. on soft ground and with dynamic load. At the same time, absorbent wicks are also used for the purpose of treating the environment in contaminated soil areas, absorbing groundwater through the contaminated soil layers, carrying water-soluble pollutants to the surface. to handle.


Prefabricated Vertical Drain
VID 75RID 75RID 4.0VID 4.5
I. Plastic core
MassASTM D 3776g/m70758095
ThicknessTCVN 8220mm4.04.5
WidthASTM D 3774mm100
Hydraulic transmissivity at 10 kN/m2ASTM D 4716x10-6m3/s≥ 80
Hydraulic transmissivity at 300 kN/m2ASTM D 4716x10-6m3/s≥ 60
Hydraulic transmissivity at 400 kN/m2ASTM D 4716x10-6m3/s≥ 60
Tensile strengthTCVN 8871-1ASTM D 4595kN> 1.6> 1.7> 1.9>1.9
Elongation at breakTCVN 8871-1ASTM D 4595%> 20
Elongation at 0.5 kNTCVN 8871-1ASTM D 4595%< 10
II. Geotextile Filter
ThicknessASTM D 5199mm≥ 0.25
Water permeabilityASTM D 4491x10-4m/s≥ 1.4
Trapezoidal tearing strengthTCVN 8871-2N> 100> 100
Puncture resistanceTCVN 8871-4N> 100> 100
Hydraulic Bursting StrengthTCVN 8871-5kPa> 900> 900
O95 Opening SizeTCVN 8871-6mm< 0.075
Board drain
RID 200RID 300
I. Plastic core
WidthASTM D 3774mm200300
ThicknessTCVN 8220mm8.0
Hydraulic transmissivity at 100 kPaASTM D 4716m3/s.mx10-680 -:- 140
Compressive propertiesASTM D 1612kPa> 250
Elongation at breakASTM D 4595%< 25
II. Geotextile filter
Grab breaking loadTCVN 8871-1N> 250
Puncture resistanceTCVN 8871-4N> 100
Hydraulic bursting strengthTCVN 8871-5kPa> 900
Water permeabilityASTM D 4491x10-4m/s> 1.4
O95 Opening sizeTCVN 8871-6mm< 0.0.75


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