GET woven high strength geotextiles are manufactured from polypropylene or polyester materials, which offer optimum performance when used in stabilization applications. Produced from first quality raw materials, GET woven high strength geotextiles provide the perfect balance of strength and separation in styles capable of functioning exceptionally well in a wide range of performance requirements.

Stabilization and reinforcement of weak soil

GET woven geotextile can be an effective solution to reduce the degradation of any surface that relies on an aggregate sub base by distributing loads more evenly. Without the GET woven geotextile layer, crushed sand and stone impact directly on soil layer,leading to the distortion of weak soil. Therefore, GET woven geotextile is widely used as a cover layer before placing sand and stone on weak soil. Woven geotextile covering weak soil stabilizes the soil layer and control soil distortion.The tension strength of woven geotextile will also evenly distribute the pressure of crushed soil layer, preventing soil layer from making small hallows. The interaction of geotextile layer and surrounding soil also creates friction force, mitigating soil movement and reinforcing the soil.

Separation and stabilization of ditch system

When ditch for underground drainage pipeline is covered by GET woven geotextile before being filled with by grained soil, the tension strength of woven geotextile creates an upward strength, tightening the stone filled pipeline in central gaps. Woven geotextile also acts as a separating layer between the grained soil layer used for leveling and the natural soil layer.

Filtration and drainage

Woven geotextile can be used as a filtering system with its physical and hydraulic filtering properties such as permeability and high flow rate. Opening size of woven geotextile allows water to flow through while retain soil particles.

Corrosion resistance

A layer of stone or riprap is commonly used for corrosion resistance in river bank and coastal. Woven geotextiles will be applied between the stone layer and the lower soil layer to prevent corrosion caused by waves.


PropertiesStandardUnitGET WOVEN GEOTEXTILE
GET 10GET 15GET 20GET 40GET 100GET 200GET 300
Tensile strengthASTM D
kN/m≥ 100/50≥ 150/50≥ 200/50≥ 400/50≥ 100/100≥ 200/200≥ 300/300
Elongation at breakASTM D
%< 15< 12
CBR PunctureASTM D
N≥ 4500≥ 5500≥ 7000≥ 12000≥ 6000≥ 15000≥ 18000
Water permeabilityASTM D 4491TCVN 8487m-10.02 -:- 0.6
O95 OpeningASTM D
mm0.075 -:- 0.34
Resistance to UV exposureASTM D 4355TCVN 8482%> 70


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