Aritex HDPE geomembrane and key benefits


HDPE HSE geomembrane is HSE-branded HDPE membrane manufactured by Aritex – Vietnam Geotextile Joint Stock Company. HDPE HSE geomembrane products are widely distributed by customers, trusted by construction contractors as well as aquaculture farmers because of key factors such as: Quality of virgin plastic material PE, highly competitive price, wide application, fast nationwide delivery, 5-year warranty, diverse specifications. HDPE HSE geomembrane is made from virgin PE plastic.

Aritex HDPE and cheaper HDPE products comparision

Aritex HDPE
Cheaper HDPE products
Material: 100% virgin plasticMaterial: Recycled plastic (scrap)
Surface: Glossy and smoothSurface: rough and have many tiny particles
High tensile strengthLow tensile strength
Price in accordance with qualityCheaper price by using recycled materials
Durability, long life of HDPE geomembraneDurability, low life of HDPE geomembrane
Does not affect water source and growth of livestockContaminates water sources and slows down the growth time of livestock, causing livestock death

HDPE HSE geomembrane is manufactured with 97.5% raw material being virgin PE resin, in addition to black carbon, anti-UV additives, anti-aging additives; providing uniform quality and smooth surface. Due to being produced from virgin plastic, the surface of HDPE HSE is smooth a, completely different from other HDPE geomembrane on the market that use recycled HDPE plastic, making the surface rough, with small particles on the surface.

HDPE geomembrane with recycled primary material does not have the durability over time and will seriously affects the life of shrimp and fish. In recycled plastic there are a number of chemical compounds and bacteria that accumulate, attack the animals, slow the growth of animals, leading to the death of fish and shrimp.

Scientists have researched and recommended that consumers use PE plastic as bottles and jars only once. It’s not recommended to reuse because there are bacteria accumulating in PE bottles and jars combined with chemical compounds. Research results show that it is not advisable to use HDPE geomembrane mixed with recycled plastic, despite the cost being low. The impact greatly affects users and livestock.

Competitive price

Aritex has over 15 years of experience in the field of environmental geotechnical materials production. As a result, HDPE Aritex (HSE) geomembrane prices are competitive thanks to the optimized production process.

Fastest nationwide delivery

HDPE HSE geomembrane is currently stored at two main factories at Lot 80, Dong Van Industrial Zone – Duy Tien district – Ha Nam province and Lot D11, Nhut Chanh Industrial Zone – Ben Luc district – Long An province, making the transportation route flexible and optimized, providing fast delivery to all projects across the country. In addition, the Aritex also has a system of distributors to distribute HSE HDPE geomembranes from the North to the South, therefore, delivery time is significantly shortened.

5-year warranty

Warranty policy on HDPE Aritex (brand: HSE) from 5 years or more, equivalent to GM13’s warranty policy. Customers will be accompanied by a warranty valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Contact information

Aritex – Viet Nam Geotextile Joint Stock Company

Phone: 0988 27 88 220989 37 22 88

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