Aritex geosynthetic clay liners combines the unique swelling performance of sodium bentonite with high-strength non-woven and woven geotextiles. Once hydrated, it forms an impermeable barrier agains liquids, water vapor and gases.


Aritex geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are high performance environmental liners used in environmental containment applications. Aritex GCLs consist of two layers of geotextiles surrounding a layer of low permeability sodium bentonite that are needle punched together to increase internal shear resistance. The geotextiles offer a long lasting resistance to physical or chemical break-down in harsh elements, while the bentonite’s high swelling capacity and low permeability provide an effective hydraulic seal.


Aritex GCL is an extremely versatile clay-based lining product. Once hydrated, the liner becomes an effective barrier against liquids, vapors, and gases. The application scope of Aritex GCLs is very diverse with high efficiency and durability.


ART 3000ART 4000ART 4700
Mass per unit area of clay componentASTM D 5993g/m2> 2700> 3700> 4700
Mass per unit area of non-woven geotextileASTM D 5261g/m2> 180
Mass per unit area of woven geotextileASTM D 5261g/m2> 110
Swell index of clay componentASTM D 5890ml/2g> 24
Fluid loss of clay componentASTM D 5891ml< 18
Hydraulic conductivityASTM D 5084m/s≤ 5 x 10-11≤ 3 x 10-11≤ 5 x 10-11
Bonding peel strength between top and bottom layersASTM D 6496N≥ 65


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