BASSAC Gabions are cages engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh.Gabion is a partially flexible block construction used for slope stability and erosion protection in construction.  


High deformability: double woven grid in the pentagonal form allows the structure to bear rather high slump without break. This property is very important when the structure being placed on unstable foundation in the place where can be ground corrosion by wave or flow.

High durability: Gabion structure can bear pressure from soil and wave.

Permeability: Due to easy drainage, water column behind fencing wall made by gabion cannot grow. It is very important when using gabion as fencing wall; it will not create water pressure toward upstream. Gabion structure can function as draining for slope and keep the slope stable.

Stability: Gabion is gravity structure made by stone contained and covered by durable steel grid that can bear impulsion force of land, increasingly fencing capacity for land due to mud and root of trees blocking hallow holes.

Resistant to environmental Impact: Gabion can be resistant in bio-chemical condition, ultraviolet, base solution and acid and salt conditions.


Gabion and all types of hexagonal mesh products are classified according to their functions and application purposes when designing. Gabions with different sizes all have the function of protection, bearing, anti-erosion and drainage.


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